I would definitely recommend this Revision guide to anyone studying A Level Sociology! Easy to understand to get an A grade mark!

Placed on November 6th, 2018


THESE BOOKS ARE AMAZING!!! Took my A Sociology grade up from a C to an A* at A2. Would highly recommend to any sociology student.

Placed on October 6th, 2018

Mr Graham

I am sceptical about books that have solid 5 star reviews, but took the plunge and bought one of the books in the series. I can’t stress enough how great these books are! It is straight to the point and very clear with good evaluation points. Its not like the other book you use in class as the other one i feel waffles a bit too much or not enough information!

Placed on October 1st, 2018


These exam notes (not revision notes) are not only well written, it is written in simple to understand English. All the information you will need to get that A* is covered for this topic. This book is definitely value for money and you will not regret buying it. I wish they produced a guide like this one for every topic in sociology.

Placed on August 12th, 2018

Mrs Hutchin

As a teacher I find these books really helpful – straight to the point. I use this in class instead of text books.

Placed on May 17th, 2018


This is a great revision guide for anyone taking this course. It is easily laid out, with good knowledge and up to date and useful case studies

Placed on November 8th, 2017